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Finally, after what seemed like an interminable absence, I have returned with the final story in the seven-episode arc, 'Buffy's Lost Summer'. For a long while, I was stuck with that pesky writer's block, but I never gave up on the sucker, and now Come Together is ready for reading.
From now on, I will be focusing on single stories, involving both the Buffy gang and the new Angel gang. 'Buffy's Lost Summer' was fun, but I fear I put too much pressure on myself, and I want to take it a little easier now. Thanks to everybody who have stuck with me through my attacks of laziness and despair. I hope you enjoy whatever I write in the future.


Who would have thought that a really embarrassing, cheesy little movie that co-starred Luke Perry would end up transmogrifying into one of the best shows on television? I mean, Luke Perry? I guess that wasn't Joss Whedon's fault; he wrote the screenplay for the movie, and as usual, the Hollywood machine churned it into puke-inducing fluff. Somehow, though, five years later, Whedon convinced somebody with cash and a production studio to let him make a TV series based on the movie, with one condition: that the series would be much, much better.

And it was.

With terrific acting, smart dialogue, and interweaving plotlines, 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer' is the best show since... 'The X-Files'. It may even be the best show on television today. Go to the Why Buffy Rocks essay to hear more about this daring assertion. I've thought a while about the universe of the show, and I've compiled a list of observations about various aspects of 'Buffy' in The Buffyverse.

I don't have tons of pictures, or biographical information about the actors, or sound bites, or other stuff that two thousand other fan sites already have. I don't have the time, and neither do you. Instead, this page will primarily be a source for the Buffy fan fiction that I've written, which includes the first Buffy story I ever wrote, The Demons Within, as well as an ambitious seven-story arc called Buffy's Lost Summer.

If you don't know that much about the show, the characters, or the plot line, but want to read the stories anyway, get on up to Character and Plot Summary. That should fill in most of the gaps.

I've written an essay in response to last year's odd decision by the WB to pull the season finale of Buffy because they were concerned it had too many parallels to the Littleton massacre. Can somebody explain this to me?

Comments, suggestions, flowery praises? E-mail me!


Does this page suck or what?

Created on July 27th, 1998 and last revised on August 23rd, 2000 by StoneDog.

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