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I will not be making any updates or writing new material for this site.

I am still a fan of the series and I anxiously await the next volumes, but I no longer have the passion I once did for the Wheel of Time. I've got other things in my life to occupy my attention, the most important being my wonderful, amazing wife. It feels dishonest to promise future updates when the likelihood of such a thing happening is so low. The Discussion Forums will live on, though, for as long as people keep wanting to talk, and I will drop in there from time to time. This site is now merely an archive of material. I do have a blog, updated almost daily, called StoneDog's Growl, but it's not so much about the Wheel of Time.

What you should do is visit the following Wheel of Time sites, which are all run by terrific, hard-working, dedicated fans who deserve your patronage far more than I do.


There are plenty more great sites, but that should get you started. Thanks to all those who have visited and sent positive comments my way, and I am sorry that I promised more than I delivered. May you always find shade and shelter.

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If you enjoyed this fan site, please check out the Robert Jordan links I have provided - the more voices heard, the clearer the picture becomes.

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